How To Prevent Carpet Mould Growth? 

Regular professional carpet cleaning services Adelaide is important for the hygiene and maintenance of carpets. Unfortunately, the presence of moisture for an extended period can lead to mould and mildew growth. 

These fungi are the worst enemy of your carpets. Moulds and mildew don’t just damage your carpets by leaving stains and odours but also impact the health of your loved ones. That’s why preventing carpet moulds is important. 

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But, before finding out the ways of preventing mould growth is it important to understand how harmful these fungi are! 

Moulds are Harmful 

Moulds are infamous for triggering allergic reactions. The spores become airborne and easily enter inside your body resulting in allergic reactions. People with respiratory problems can have a hard time around moulded carpets. 

Further, one may experience skin problems, sore eyes, coughing, headaches and throat irritation. To keep these problems away it is recommended to contact the best carpet cleaning Adelaide company to get your carpets cleaned.  

Mentioned below are the ways of preventing mould growth in carpets! 

Control Humidity 

Humidity is the root cause behind your carpet’s mould problems. Moulds multiply rapidly in warm and humid conditions. If the humidity is high, your carpets won’t just take long in drying but also remain at risk of mould growth.  

Therefore, it is important that you keep the humidity of your house under control. This is possible by ventilating your home and utilizing dehumidifiers when drying up the carpets.  

Steam Clean Your Carpets 

Regular steam carpet cleaning Adelaide is beneficial for your carpets in many ways. This method is not just effective in eliminating allergens and dust but also moulds and mildew from your carpets. 

Steam cleaning works wonders in removing mould spores, ugly stains and odours from your carpets. Therefore, it is important that you regularly get your carpets steam-cleaned to keep them protected from mould attacks. 

Regular Vacuuming  

Vacuuming is the key to keeping a carpet clean and healthy for a long time. All the allergens, food crumbs, and soil particles get sucked out while vacuum cleaning the carpets. 

For keeping moulds away from your carpets, it is important that you vacuum them once or twice a week. This will also help in identifying mould and other problems in the initial stage. 

Check For Leakages  

Moisture is the main reason behind your carpet mould problems. You may be keeping humidity under control, but if there are leakage issues in the property your carpets are likely to suffer from mould issues. 

Keep a check on your property and look for leakage issues in pipes, taps, ceilings and so on. Make sure no amount of water is seeping into your property.  

Final Words 

Now you know how moulds and mildew are dangerous for your carpets and how to keep them away from your prized possession. Feel free to call a professional for instant carpet mould removal services. 

Contact Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for complete carpet cleaning, and maintenance services! 

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