Carpet Pet Stain Removal Adelaide

When you have pets and kids at home, it is common to have a messy and smelly carpet. Whether it is the urine stain or food spill, stains leave an unpleasant odour if not treated well on time. As the urine stain becomes older, the odour becomes stronger. Pets tend to return to the same spot again unless the urine is cleaned and odour is removed. Hence, immediate cleaning and odour control is important. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has the required expertise to get rid of pet urine stains and odour with the most effective cleaning methods.

Significance of Carpet Pet Stain and Odour Removal Services

Apart from the inconvenience of cleaning pet urine stains, there are some health risks associated with pet urine on your carpet. Read on to know why you need to hire professional Carpet Pet Stain Removal Adelaide services.


Pet urine has a strong presence of ammonia in it, it is specially concentrated in cat urine. This can have a negative effect over time, in people having asthma or any other kind of allergies. A professional cleaning service will effectively remove pet urine stains and the odour arising from it.

Bacterial Infection

Pet urine on carpet does not stay on the surface, it penetrates deep into the fibers and stays there until treated. This causes bacteria growth on the carpet if the urine stain is not treated on time. Bacteria presence can lead to inflammation of airways, watery eyes, and sinusitis in people with weak immune system. Carpet Pet Urine Removal Adelaide service will ensure your carpet is free from unpleasant odours and pet urine stains.

Mould Removal

When stains on the carpet are not removed or cleaned for a long time, it leads to mould growth. Moulds like penicillium can trigger respiratory disorders, and aspergillus can lead to long-term lung disease. A clean carpet will not have moulds and will stay fresh for a longer duration. Hence, a professional carpet cleaning service is recommended to keep moulds away from your surroundings.

Effective Treatment

Pet owners are aware of the mess they have at home due to their playful pets and super-active children. Removing pet urine stain and odour requires more than just detergent and carpet shampoo. When urine dries, it leaves behind crystals in the carpet fibers, which are difficult to remove. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide have the necessary equipment and right products to eliminate tough urine stains and unpleasant odours from your carpet. Or professionals have the expertise to restore the look and smell of your carpets.

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a leading carpet cleaning company providing excellent results in Carpet Urine Removal Adelaide services with assuring results. Contact us on 0480090842 to get prompt response from our dedicated team of professionals.

Our Carpet Pet Urine Stain Treatment Adelaide involves the following procedures:


Our certified experts will visit your property and inspect the stained carpet to understand the

impact of the urine stain. They will analyze how long the urine has been on the carpet. Older stains are harder to remove than the newer ones.


The carpet is treated with one custom shampoo and a sanitizer cleaning solution using hot water extraction technique. We use industry-grade truck mounted machine to deep clean the affected area of the carpet. This process is powerful enough to remove urine stains and odour.

Final Touch

We conclude the process by spraying an antibacterial and odour removal solution on the affected area of the carpet. This makes your carpet clean, dry and fresh.

Pets are not easy to handle and the mess they create is hard to clean up. We can help you with the cleaning part for sure. Call us on 0480090842 to book your Carpet Urine Stain Treatment Adelaide service and see relieving results.

The Effect of Untreated Pet Urine

If pet stains are not treated on time and correctly, the odour can impact your health. The pet tends to repeat it at the same spot if the odour persists.

Pet urine, on the carpet, makes it look stained and releases unpleasant odours.

If the urine penetrated deep into the carpet fibers, it can contaminate the carpet as well as the floor.

The longer the urine is left unattended, the deeper it penetrates. It can go deeper into the floors, walls, and the foundation of your home.

As the urine dries, urine crystals are left behind which are even more concentrated and pungent.

Simply washing and scrubbing will not be helpful to remove these tough pet urine stains from your carpet. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide specializes in Carpet Pet Stain Removal Adelaide and Pet Urine Removal Adelaide services. We use the most effective and reliable methods to break down the urine crystals and eliminate the foul odour from your carpet.

Guaranteed Results – Our Promise

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide have trained, experienced, and certified carpet cleaners capable of treating carpet stains with utmost accuracy. We have decades of experience in offering industry-grade carpet cleaning services at reasonable rates. Our flawless training sessions ensure our professionals are fit and confident to take over the challenges of tough stain removal. We assure you that our technicians know to detect, analyze and execute the entire carpet stain removal process as per your requirements. Call us on 0480090842 to get a free quote or share your queries with us.

Why Choose Us?

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is a reliable and experienced carpet cleaning company with decades of industry experience. Our exceptional service delivery and workmanship has gained us a reputed name in the industry. Read the below points to know why you must choose our valuable services:

Assuring Results

Eco-friendly Cleaning Methods

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Trained and Certified Technicians

24×7 Services

Decades of expertise

Competitive Prices

Reliable and Friendly Team

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

No Hidden Charges

Obligation-free Quotes

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Dedicated Customer Support

Fully insured and Certified Company

These are some of our features which makes us a trusted name among our customers. If you are tired of cleaning up after your pets, just give us a call on 0480090842 and get immediate assistance. You will be pleased by the results of our Carpet Pet Stain Removal Adelaide and Carpet Odour Removal Adelaide services.

Pet Stain Removal Adelaide FAQs

1. Why should I hire professionals to remove pet urine stain?

Pet urine contains uric acid crystals which can react with the carpet fibers and change its colour. Ammonia present in pet urine cause irritation to the lungs. Hence, for immediate and accurate treatment, a professional help is necessary.

2. Can you get rid of all types of pet stain and urine odour from carpets?

Yes, we are capable of removing all types of pet stains and odour from carpets. Our professional carpet cleaners are proficient in cleaning and sanitizing carpets to get rid of pet urine stains and urine odour.

3. What type of odour treatment do you carry out?

We use a steam cleaning process along with a deep rinse for light pet odours. For medium pet odours, where the urine has gone into the fibers, we use our sub-surface carpet restoration process. For extreme pet odours, where the sub-flooring has been affected, we apply a protective sealer. If additional restoration is required, then we suggest replacing the pad or sub-flooring.

4. Are your services available on a short notice?

Yes, you can book same-day, next-day, or emergency carpet cleaning services by contacting us on 0480090842. We are available 24×7, on weekends, and holidays too.

5. Are your cleaning products harmful for my family and pets?

Our cleaning products are eco-friendly, and completely safe for your family and pets. We make sure to give our customers the best results without any inconvenience to their family or surroundings.

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