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Carpets collect contaminants in the air, which a professional treatment may effectively remove. While it is essential to obtain assistance from reputable and skilled cleaners such as Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, choosing the proper approach is as critical. Although a basic carpet steam cleaner is a good technique for carpet cleaning, hot water extraction is a better alternative to get a deeper clean.

Experts at Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide highly recommend this technique for the following reasons:

Deep cleaning- A Carpet Hot Water Extraction cleans your carpet from the base to the tip by injecting superheated steam deep into the carpet bed. A dry or shampoo clean will only get rid of dust, debris, and stains on your carpet’s surface. The deeper regions of the carpet fiber will be unaffected by this procedure. The unclean wastewater is promptly and efficiently sucked up and away from the surface by hot water extraction, which reaches every portion of the individual carpet fibers.

Chemical Free Process- Dry cleaning and shampooing methods require a chemical solution to be applied to the carpet before the vacuuming process begins and this can then leave a residue that isn’t fully picked up by the cleaning equipment. This usually means you will still be able to smell the cleaning agent long after the cleaning process has finished and may also damage the fibers in the long run. The hot water extraction method uses little or no cleaning agents apart from heated water vapor and gets deeper into the carpet bed without harming the fibers.

Eco-friendly solution- Hot water extraction doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals that can remain in the carpet, cause allergies, or harm to your family and pets. This method also makes sure that any liquid is quickly extracted so you won’t have to worry about dampness causing mildew or molds to form in the inner fibers of your carpet. If the process is done every six months, not only will you have the cleanest, best-looking carpets in the neighborhood, your carpet’s life could be extended by as much as five to ten years with regular maintenance.

Saving You Time and Money- Hot water extraction takes a fraction of the time it takes to wash or dry clean a carpet and is more efficient than a typical carpet steam cleaner. When you use a chemical cleaning approach, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for expensive cleaning chemicals, apply them, and wait a long time for them to work before you can start vacuuming. Everything is done at the same time with a hot water extraction system, which is faster, easier, and more successful than conventional cleaning procedures.

Enhanced appearance- Hot water extraction not only exterminates germs but also restores the texture and shine of the fabric. Since minimal chemical products are used the fibers remain intact and the thorough cleaning of every single fiber helps retain the shine of the fabric. A well-maintained decent looking carpet automatically compliments your home or office décor.

Hot water extraction is tricky and should be performed by trained professionals only. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide serves personalized carpet cleaning solutions at reasonable rates to our clients. Our team is trained & employs IICRC approved solutions only. If you are looking for a cleaning service that will do a better job than a regular carpet steam cleaner company, contact us on 0480090842 or visit us online for an Express quote.


1. Do you provide a guarantee for your service?

We certainly provide a guarantee for our carpet cleaning services. Our services are crafted to provide the desired results to every customer, whether they are from the residential sector or commercial sector. Our team is dedicated to giving you the best results every time.

2. Is it possible for you to eliminate the pet odor from my carpet?

Yes, by including a deodorizer in our cleaning solution, we can eliminate pet odors from your carpet. Carpets will smell fresh and appear sanitary after deodorization and sanitization. At Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide we aim to deep clean the carpets to efficiently eliminate unwanted odors instead of masking or covering them.

3. What method will you use to get rid of hazardous bacteria from my carpet?

To remove dirt, stains, and germs from your carpet, we use the Carpet Hot Water Extraction process. It is the most effective way to clean soiled carpets and keep them in excellent condition for a longer period.

4. How much will it cost to give my carpets a deep clean?

It will depend on the size of the carpet and the type of cleaning method required. Just call us on 0480090842 and share your requirements to get a express quote over the phone. One of our experts will visit and inspect your carpets and let you know the most suitable cleaning method. Our rates are reasonable, and the results are rewarding.

5. How do I maintain the carpets clean after the service?

Experts at the Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide recommend regular vacuuming will help remove loose and dry dust particles from the carpet surface. Any spills on the carpet must be wiped off promptly to prevent stain formation. For further cleaning assistance, you can contact us on 0480090842 and book a carpet cleaning service. Our professionals will let you know the next time you need a cleaning service and give you carpet maintenance suggestions.

6. Can you be available at our time convenience?

Yes. We are available 24×7, on emergencies, on weekends even on public holidays. Your convenience is of utmost importance to us.

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