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Although dust mites on carpets and other upholstery items are widespread, it is essential to eliminate them via routine cleaning. For improved carpet upkeep, Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has been providing superior dust-mite removal service to both commercial and private clients. Vacuuming alone will not be enough to get rid of these small pests. The only way to treat hygiene and allergy issues is to eliminate the source of the problem with the help of our staff. Give us a call at 0480090842 for a detailed inquiry.

What are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are minute critters that live and breed in your mattresses, blankets, pillows, couches, and carpets and are undetectable to the human eye. They can number in the millions and thrive in warm, damp environments. They feed on the dead skin cells of humans that are easily accessible on upholstered materials.

Here are some interesting facts about dust mites carpet owners should know:

  • Dust mites can feed for up to 170 days on this shed skin.
  • Dust mites produce 200 times their weight in the excrement body during their lifetime.
  • Dust mites can live without food for one year.
  • A female dust mite can lay up to 300 eggs.
  • Dust mites leave behind their excrement which is the cause of many allergy-like symptoms.
  • Every home has dust mites and over 50% of all homes are INFESTED with dust mites!

Why pick Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

We conduct a careful & detailed inspection of the carpet before treating them so appropriate treatment & cleansing solutions can be determined. We have developed a natural, organic, chemical-free process that effectively destroys dust mites, bacteria, spores, allergens, dust, and decaying skin cells. We first loosen particles of dirt, dust, and excrement embedded within your mattress with high-frequency waves. The waste is then removed with a special high-powered vacuum specifically designed to trap 99.97 percent of everything it collects. The mattress is then sterilized with a chemical-free disinfectant. This process kills all viruses, spores, and bacteria within the mattress. Afterward, we apply an all-natural, hygienic mattress spray which is anti-bacterial and insect repellent.

Every single personnel of our cleaning team is trained, we use industry upgraded equipment & IICRC approved chemical blends for dust-mite eradication. We provide dust-mite removal treatment at affordable rates and we serve even during emergencies. Get in touch with the Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide team at 0480090842 for an express quote and free inspection.


1. What is a dust mite?

They are barely visible insects, tending to survive in warm and humid conditions. Though they do not attack humans directly, their presence can trigger respiratory disorders like asthma. Hence, Dust Mites Treatment is essential to keep your family safe from diseases.

2. How can I control dust mites in my home?

Here are a few precautionary measures you can adopt to keep dust mites at bay:

Cover your mattresses and pillows with non-allergic plastic zippered encasing. Wash bedding regularly in hot water to kill germs. Use a low pile carpet and vacuum using a HEPA filtration or central vacuum, that vents out waste outside the house. Maintain a humidity level below 50% at home, ideally between 30 and 40%. Frequently replace HVAC filters and if possible, use a HEPA air cleaner. As much as possible, keep your pets away from your mattresses. For a reliable and long-lasting solution, contact us on 0480090842 for the most effective Dust Mites Treatment.

3. Are your cleaning methods safe for my family?

Yes, we use non-toxic cleaning products and industry-grade equipment, which are safe for your children and pets. We assure you that Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide’s services will eliminate dust mites from your home without any damage to your home or any side effect to your family.

4. How much does it cost for treating carpets for Dust Mites Treatment?

It will depend on the size of the carpet and the method required to treat it. You can contact us on 0480090842 and get an Express quote, meanwhile allow our experts to inspect your carpet for the most effective dust mite treatment. Our prices are reasonable, and the results are excellent.

5. Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes, we are available at your service on weekends and holidays too. You can book carpet cleaning services with us on short notice. Book your appointment for same-day or emergency carpet cleaning services by calling on 0480090842.

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