Dust Mites Services in Adelaide

In the deep fibres of your carpets and mattresses, dust mites hide and feed on human skin cells. When you vacuum clean your mattresses, the dust mites get disturbed and move into the air. This can trigger respiratory disorders and allergies. For your well-being, it is better to hire our Dust Mites Cleaning Services in Adelaide for a peaceful and hygienic home. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is the best choice for keeping your home free from dust mites and its allergies. Call us on +61480090842 to know more about our valuable services and the number of benefits it can have in your life.

Advantages of Dust Mites Cleaning Service

Effective Dust Mite Treatment

The presence of dust mites leads to a number of allergic reactions. They feed on human skin cells and survive in warm and humid conditions. Carpets give them a comfortable living environment. By hiring a professional team of carpet cleaners, dust mites can be efficiently removed with high-quality cleaning methods.

Prevents Mould

Dirty carpets are prone to have mould growth which generates airborne spores. Such contaminated air quality can cause respiratory disorders like asthma. Mould breed in high humidity and moisture levels, which they get underneath carpets. With regular professional cleaning service like Dust Mites Treatment in Adelaide, you can get rid of carpet moulds.

Extends the life of your carpets

Just as regular maintenance keeps your car in good condition, carpets also stay good for a longer time with professional cleaning services. Dirty carpets tend to go through premature wear and tear. Clean and hygienic carpets look clean and stays good for a longer time. If you own pets, then consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service every six months to extend the life of your carpets.

Prevention from diseases

If you own pets, then you must know that they bring in pollutants from outside. When animals shed their fur, it releases allergens into the air you breathe. You do not want your family to live in an unhealthy environment. So, go for professional carpet cleaning services offering Dust Mites Treatment in Adelaide to keep your home free from diseases.

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide aim to help our customers reduce the number of dust mites and the harmful consequences of its presence in the surrounding. Here are some useful tips to minimize the number of dust mites in your home:

Clean Bedding Often

As dust mites cannot be seen with naked eye, it is difficult to detect its presence and remove promptly. But you can carry out weekly cleaning process to avoid their presence. Wash your bedding in high temperature (at least 130 F) to kill dust mites.

Use Protective Covers

Cover your mattresses, pillows, and box springs with non-allergic covers. Keep stuffed toys away from bed as dust mites cling to them. Dry your mattresses, carpets and pillow covers in sunlight.

Reduce Humidity Level

Use air conditioners or dehumidifiers to maintain a humidity level lower than 50%. Dust mites will shrink and die when they cannot absorb moisture from the air. You can also keep your curtains open to let the sunlight pour in your home.

Keep pets away from mattresses

Dust mites also feed on your pet’s dead skin cells. So, it is best to avoid them playing in your bedroom. Keep your pets in a clean and allergy-proof environment.

Maintain Hygiene

Regular cleaning and vacuuming will help control dust mites in your house. Clean hard floors and furnishings with damp cloth or mop. Use a special filter vacuum cleaner on carpets, sofas, curtains, and blinds.

If you feel these tips are not working, contact Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide for the most dependable cleaning service. We can be at your place at your convenience with our dedicated team of experts. Call us on +61480090842 to get a free quote or share your queries regarding Dust Mites Cleaning Services.

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Though dust mites do not bite, they transmit diseases through allergic reactions. Nearly 2 million Australians are suffering from asthma, so it is important to keep your surroundings safe from allergies. Contact us on +61480090842 for scheduling your Dust Mites Treatment in Adelaide. Professionals at Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide are proficient in giving the best treatment for your carpets, leaving them spotless and germ-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is a dust mite?

They are barely visible insects, having a tendency to survive in warm and humid conditions. Though they do not attack humans directly, their presence can trigger respiratory disorders like asthma. Hence, Dust Mites Treatment is essential to keep your family safe from diseases.

  1. How can I control dust mites in my home?

Cover your mattresses and pillows with non-allergic plastic zippered encasing.

Wash bedding regularly in hot water to kill germs. Use a low pile carpet and vacuum using a HEPA filtration or central vacuum, that vents out waste outside the house. Maintain a humidity level below 50% at home, ideally between 30 and 40%. Frequently replace HVAC filters and if possible, use a HEPA air cleaner. As much as possible, keep your pets away from your mattresses.

For a reliable and long-lasting solution, contact us on +61480090842 for the most effective Dust Mites Treatment.

  1. Are your cleaning methods safe for my family?

Yes, we use non-toxic cleaning products and industry-grade equipment, which are safe for your children and pets. We assure you that our services will eliminate dust mites from your home without any damage to your home or any side effect to your family.

  1. How much does it cost for treating carpets for dust mites?

It will depend on the size of the carpet and the method required to treat it. You can contact us on +61480090842 and get a free quote, meanwhile allow our experts to inspect your carpet for the most effective dust mite treatment. Our prices are reasonable, and the results are excellent.

  1. Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes, we are available at your service on weekends and holidays too. You can book carpet cleaning services with us on a short notice. Book your appointment for same-day or emergency carpet cleaning services by calling on +61480090842.


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