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Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide takes pride in being the number one commercial carpet cleaning service provider covering a variety of businesses, both big and small. Our well-trained technicians, combined with our cutting-edge technology, provide a deep clean to business premises that are both consistent and high-quality.

Carpets are an expensive investment, so why not clean and maintain them on a regular basis without breaking the bank? Despite the fact that office cleaners vacuum carpets on a daily basis, it is critical that you contact qualified specialists to deep clean and restore your carpets. Clean, well-maintained carpets may have a significant impact on your business by making a positive impression on employees and potential dealers.

We know carpets in offices suffer a great deal of damage due to heavy foot traffic making them hotbed of germs & pollutants. Hence, Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide also offers fumigation services with anti-virus ingredients. We use an anti-microbial formulation that effectively destroys a wide range of micro-organisms, viruses, odor-causing bacteria, and mold.

Why stop at carpet steam cleaning? We also offer our commercial customers upholstery cleaning for office furniture such as desk chairs, waiting room sofas, office partitions, and more. Thanks to our state-of-the-art cleaning process, upholstery cleaned by us will not only look new but feel new too! So, for an effective full proof clean give us a call at 0480090842 right away.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Adelaide– What we actually will be doing?

  • Initial assessment to select the most effective cleaning procedure
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Pre-treatment of spots and stains
  • Pre-application of cleaning solutions to loosen ground-in filth
  • Rinsing your carpet with clear, hot water
  • Post-treatment of any leftover stains
  • Carpet grooming for quick drying and a uniform look
  • Final check with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide has been serving a reputed list of commercial outlets including:

  • Offices and places of business
  • Hospitals and health centers
  • Hotels, pubs, and places of entertainment
  • Reception Centres & banquet halls
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Government buildings and offices
  • Motels & restaurants
  • Religious institutions
  • Shopping malls & departmental stores, etc.

Whatever your organization’s carpet cleaning requirements call us today at 0480090842 and our team will design a customized solution for your carpet cleaning needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Springfield– The process:

At Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, we have a simple yet highly effective five-step process for commercial carpet cleaning services. Let’s have a look at it:

Inspection– Our expert carpet cleaners begin the process with an initial inspection of the carpet to determine the type of fabric and most suitable cleaning solution for it.

Pre-Vacuuming– Then, we carry out pre-vacuuming to throw away dust particles like soil and dirt from the carpet surface.

Bacteria Killing– We aim to destroy bacteria that eliminate all forms of germs and impurities using non-toxic effective substances and processes. Not only that, but we also assist you in removing the most difficult stains such as blood, tea, coffee, vomit, soft drink, food spills, alcohol, pet accidents, grease, oil, make-up, nail paint, and so on.

Fabric Protection– Then, we apply an anti-bacterial solution to the carpet and try to protect your carpet in the future from the growth of any harmful germs and pollutants.

Deodorization and Sanitization– This is the last step of the process, our experts apply deodorizer and sanitization on the carpets to leave behind a pleasing fragrance, and to make your mattress look new and feel fresh.

Once the carpets have dried experts also check if the ph balance is normal if not a special conditioner is applied to the fabric to restore the shine & texture of your office carpets.


1. How often should office carpets be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean carpets once in three months by professionals to ensure a healthy, clean, and germ-free working space. Besides, daily vacuuming should be done to keep the surface clean.

2. Do you offer a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Yes, we have a team of professionals that are experts in offering commercial carpet cleaning services in Adelaide and its surroundings. Call on 0480090842 to book an appointment.

3. Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work seven days a week, including on public holidays and weekends. Further, to minimize downtime, we even offer service in the late evenings and early mornings.

4. Can I get a quote for commercial carpet cleaning services?

We offer an Express on-call quote for a commercial carpet cleaning service. Call our team and ask for an Express quote.

5. Do I need to close business while carpet cleaning is in progress?

Our technicians are trained to offer prompt carpet cleaning service to reduce downtime. Further, they ensure minimum disruption to your daily routine, so you don’t have to compromise with your operational hours while carpets are being cleaned by our crew.

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