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Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides an innovative means for cleaning carpets. Our experts use industry-approved machines for cleaning carpets while extracting dirt. Your carpet becomes fresh and clean after going through our amazing services of carpet steam cleaning Adelaide!

Our professionals can clean the dirtiest of carpets using the carpet steam cleaning method. We make sure to deeply clean your precious carpets using our effective devices and cleaning solvents. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides a wide range of services and that too at a price that leaves you amazed.

At, Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide you can opt for on-site carpet cleaning and off-site carpet cleaning as well. Our sincere team works 24×7 for the satisfaction of the customers! We are happy to provide emergency and same day carpet cleaning services all across Adelaide. Rely on us for:

Quality carpet cleaning services

The timely arrival of the team for on-site carpet cleaning

Free delivery of cleaned carpets

Sanitization and Deodorization services


Same day and Emergency Services

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What Are the Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

Steam cleaning is one of the most demanded carpet cleaning services of all time. For cleaning carpets, we don’t use numerous tools and devices. Our carpet steam cleaning services is pretty simple and comes with several additive advantages, like:

Removal of Stains and Dirt: The steam carpet cleaning methods involve the usage of hot water that seeps in and breakdown the tough stains settled in the carpet fibers. As the cleaning solvent contains detergents and chemicals, it becomes easy in removing stains from the carpet.

Safe and Pollution-free Cleaning: Carpet steam cleaning is considered an eco-friendly and safest method of all. We use biodegradable cleaning solvent for eliminating contaminants from the carpets.

Elimination of Dust Mites: Dirty carpets are home to bacteria, germs, fungi, and dust mites. Availing Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Adelaide can help you in getting clean and hygienic carpets.

Reduced Carpet Damage Risk: Carpets when cleaned regularly get damaged early. It is a popular myth when it comes to carpet cleaning. But, Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide suggests getting your carpets cleaned at least twice a year for its long span.

Boosts The Lifespan of Carpet: Clean and well-maintained carpets remain beautiful for a long time. Continuous dirt accumulation weakens the carpet fibers therefore, availing carpet steam cleaning Adelaide regularly is necessary.

Healthy Environment: A dirty carpet has several germs and allergens living on the surface. Mere contact with the moulded carpet can trigger skin allergies and diseases like asthma. With carpet steam cleaning services you can enjoy the luxury of living in a healthy environment.

Our carpet steam cleaning services come with a bundle of benefits. It boosts the overall lifespan of the carpets and makes them clean and beautiful as well. Reach out to us for same-day carpet cleaning services in Adelaide. Give us a call on 0480090842 and get a quotation free!

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process at Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

For maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your luxurious carpets, our professionals follow a process for steam cleaning carpet with perfection, and here’s how we do it:

Preparing Carpet Cleaning Space: Our professionals arrive at your location and initiate the task of moving furniture and other belongings, to create a safe cleaning space. Moving unnecessary items is necessary for the protection of furniture from damages.

Inspection: As our team of carpet cleaners begins inspecting your carpet, they identify its quality, variant, stains, and other damages. After a detailed assessment of the problematic zones of the carpet, we formulate the action plan for treating the stains and dirt.

Vacuum Cleaning: As the problems are identified, carpets are vacuum cleaned. We use industry-approved vacuum machines for cleaning the dirt and finer particles of soil. Removing dirt from the carpet’s surface is necessary for obtaining better results from steam carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction: Next, the hot water extraction process begins. Here hot water along with cleaning solvent is mixed together for extracting dirt, germs, and stains from the carpets. We use specialized cleaning solvents for the treatment of stains on the carpets.

Start Cleaning Edges: Our steam carpet cleaning method begins from the carpet edges. We make sure no corner of the carpet is left dirty. Relying on Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is the best decision you can take for your carpets.

Drying: A damp carpet can invite mould growth. Hence, our professionals immediately proceed with drying up the carpets. Using our advanced drier, we eliminate the last bit of moisture from the carpet, so it can dry quickly.

Final Inspection: Post-inspection is necessary to make sure carpets are cleaned thoroughly. If any stain or spot is left untreated, we immediately take action for eliminating it.

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide’s carpet cleaning method consists of precious methods and steps that are followed by our expert carpet cleaners sincerely for delivering desirable results. So, rely on professionals when it comes to the cleanliness and maintenance of your carpets!

Why Trust on Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

Looking for the best carpet steam cleaning Adelaide? Trust Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide! We use the most advanced and effective method of cleaning your beautiful carpets. With our impressive carpet steam cleaning services the lost charm of the carpets gets restored. None of our carpet cleaning services is a burden for your pockets. As technology is extensively used in all the economic sectors of the world, we are one step ahead in providing excellent carpet cleaning services by using the latest devices. Our punctuality and timeliness are unbeatable. We deliver and provide carpet cleaning services as we promised. We keep our customers informed about every little detail. Thus, feel free in contacting us at 0480090842 for availing the best carpet steam cleaning Adelaide!


1. What if your steam carpet cleaning Adelaide gives unsatisfactory results?

We, Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services. We are ready to re-do the carpet cleaning if you are not happy with it, and that too without charging any additional amount.

2. Can steam cleaning services remove stains from my carpet?

Yes. Carpet steam cleaning is one of the efficient methods of removing stains. Our professionals are experienced in performing effective stain removal from the carpets and are dedicated to providing desirable results.

3. What is so special about Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide?

We have been providing services of the best carpet steam cleaning Adelaide for decades. Our professionals are highly qualified and expert carpet cleaners. Our services are affordable and we remain available 24/7 for your help.

4. Is carpet steam cleaning an affordable service?

Yes. Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide provides the most affordable services for carpet steam cleaning Adelaide. The range of price depends on factors like the size of the carpets and the degree of damage done. Our experts provide an estimate after inspection of the carpets.

5. Which method of carpet cleaning is the best?

There are numerous ways of cleaning carpets, but one of the best is the carpet steam cleaning method. This method is highly effective in removing stains, dirt, and odor from the carpets. Our steam carpet cleaning Adelaide is among the most trusted and highly demanded services.

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