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 There’s no stop to little accidents….. Find a solution for it!

No matter how many precautions do you take or how much you try to avoid the little accidents, it will always be a part of your life. Your overly excited dog puts muddy paws onto the carpet, or your toddler accidentally urinates on the carpet. Or perhaps your accident-prone partner spilled hot chocolate or red wine on the carpet– again. Such little and everyday accidents are unavoidable, thus, you need to know the solution for the occurred stains.

When it comes to handling stains on the carpet, the best rule of thumb is to act swiftly. The older the spills on your carpet surface the more stubborn they become and hard to remove. So we suggest you a tip to follow before professional carpet cleaners arrive at your place. The very first thing you can do is gently soak up the fresh spill with a clean dry towel or tissue (do not rub the affected area). Luckily, normal stains can easily be removed, if you act quickly. But- what about accumulated dirt and dust that goes deep inside fabric?

Truth be told, you can clean on the surface of the carpet by yourself, stubborn or complex stains will require more comprehensive cleaning. So you’ll need a professional carpet stain removal Adelaide service that includes the skills, equipment, and experience to handle the task the right way.

Why choose us?

Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is here to help with the best services!

We are the most trusted and renowned carpet stain removal service providers in Adelaide, promising to make your precious carpet as clean and stunning as it can be. Be it any issue, whether your carpet is stained, discoloured, or infected by moulds, our team of professionals is equipped with all the right tools and techniques to help you provide effective carpet stain removal in Adelaide.

With 20+ years of experience, we have established our own stain removal solutions that restore the appearance of your carpets to their original glory!

We have achieved a number of clients due to the following reasons:

The clients of Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide are awestruck and satisfied with the results of the treatment of the carpet stain removal in Adelaide.

Be assured about the stains on the carpet once you have come to us, we provide the most effective results for our client

All our professionals are certified and skilled in cleaning techniques to eliminate all kinds of carpet stains

We work on the motto of client safety and fulfilment in each term

We do not cause any type of hassle in the procedure of carpet stain removal in Adelaide

Carpet Stain Removal Adelaide Process that We Follow:

Firstly, our experts prepare the fabric and figure out the areas where there are stains. So that to determine which treatment will be suitable without wasting the time. There are various kinds of stain removal treatments depending on the carpet fabrics and type of stains. So figuring out the recent stains is very important.

Secondly, we make use of an eco-friendly solution that has no side effects on the fabric and does not damage the fabric. We mix the stain remover solution well with hot water. We then test the solution on the stains and then apply it further. While applying the solution, we also take care that the fabric doesn’t lose its colour. It takes around 15 minutes for the stain protector to properly sit in the fabric and get absorbed by the fabric.

After washing the carpet thoroughly in a solution, our professionals extract the water and residues of detergents from the carpets. Then, we dry the carpet fabric for some minutes with vacuum/ dryer machines.

Our professional cleaners make use of drivers of high quality to deep dry the wet area of the fabric, and ensure that the carpet has been dried properly with no stains left over it.

In the last step, our carpet stain removal Adelaide professionals, inspect whether the job is done perfectly and our customers are satisfied with our job. By any chance, if you are not satisfied with our work; we don’t leave the premises till we solve the problem and make our customers happy through our work.

Why Is It Beneficial To Go For Carpet Stain Removal in Adelaide? 

When it comes to replacing the old carpets with new ones because of the stains, we suggest having stain removal services as it can be much effective and affordable. You will be amazed by seeing the difference in removing the stains from the carpet and the cost of replacing the carpets. It is will be beneficial for you to choose a carpet stain removal Adelaide service to get your carpet in the best of its condition.

We have a specialized team of experts equipped with advanced cleaning tools and techniques that can remove all kinds of stains. It helps to clean the carpet professionally with effective results. As a result, when you have stains on your carpets, you should go for stain removal, rather than buying a new one.

Carpet Stain Removal Service in Adelaide We Offer:

Mould Stains

Red Wine Stains

Coffee Stains

Pet Urine Stains

Rust Stains

Flood and Juice Stains

Residual Paint Stains

Ink Stains

Pet Vomit Stains

Lip-stick Stains and Makeup stains

Blood Stains

Pet Medicine Stains

Sauce Stains


1. Will you arrive at my place as per my convenient timing for carpet cleaning?

Absolutely yes! At Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide, our professionals provide you same day, 24×7 customer care service. Once you do the booking successfully our team arrives at your doorstep in no time for your carpet cleaning needs.

2. Will you help prolong the life of my 10-year-old carpet as it has become very delicate?

Definitely yes, professionals at Rite Carpet Cleaning Adelaide understand how important your carpet is for you. Therefore, we provide prestigious services to handle your delicate carpet with care. We can assess your carpet to give you a genuine idea of how excellently we can clean it or, in some cases, restore it and make it look as new as you want to see them.

3. How can I prevent my carpet from getting stained?

There are certain tips you need to practice to keep your carpet clean daily.

Do not bring dirty shoes to your carpets

Treat the spills.

Vacuum regularly

Get your carpets deeply cleaned by experts

Do not let fresh stain become old on carpets

4. What makes you different from other carpet cleaners?

Besides our sheer professionalism, we have a plethora of other virtues, which make us different from other carpet cleaning service providers. So if you are still confused about whether to choose us or not, here’s what we provide you:

Cost-effective Carpet Cleaning Services

Licensed Professionals

Industry Experience

Eco-friendly Solutions

Safe Carpet Cleaning

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

High-Tech Technology

5. What is the cost of carpet stain removal in Adelaide?

To answer this you must know that there are factors, which determine the complete cost of the carpet stain removal in Adelaide. Labour work, supplies, machines, and carpet sizes are the factors on which the costs of the service hinge on.

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